Science class for MS by students in 6eme

By Margot, Marine & Pauline 6ème G

For fun, students in 6eme took the place of the MS teachers on 25 May and 1 June for two MS (Reception) classes under the supervision of the Life Science teacher, Mr Jaume, and the MS teachers.

On Thursday 1 June we had fun welcoming a class from MS to teach them, help them discover and observe different animals (insects, arachnids and annelids) that can be found in the earth. We knew that this class had already worked on insects and we wanted to teach them a bit more about them.

We prepared 2 activities: the first was a presentation given by the 3 of us on the living things that can be found in the earth. During our presentation we tried to involve them as much as possible with things for them to guess and asking them questions about what they learned in class.

After the presentation, the MS students in ones and twos with a 6eme student were brought to the lab tables to look at compost samples under a microscope. Some MS students knew about microscopes but it was a new discovery for the majority.  Some were lucky to see springtails (insect family) and mites (arachnid family) and most of them saw earthworms (annelid family). Students were really involved and very interested by what they could see under the microscope (especially earth worms).

Margot: they followed the instructions; the students were very nice and well behaved.

Pauline: I really enjoyed showing them what I know

Mariane: I loved teaching things to this class who were lovely.