Upper Secondary (Y10-Y13)

Blue Pool Road Campus

Provision of a holistic education continues to be the focus during these final years as students are guided towards excellence both academically and as young adults preparing for life in the wider world.  

The FIS learning experience culminates in the IBDP, a 2 year course designed to foster a positive attitude to learning by providing students of different cultures, languages and educational backgrounds with the intellectual, social and global perspectives that are vital for their journey into the wider world.

About the Upper Secondary School

Students are encouraged to reach their full academic potential during these important examination years as well as continuing to develop the necessary skills and attributes required for their future endeavours.

A supportive network guides FIS learners as they strive to be Inquirers, Principled, Risk-takers, Open-minded, Mindful, Innovative, Smart and Empathetic (I PROMISE: the FIS Personal Profile).

As the first IB World School in Hong Kong, FIS has nearly 30 years of experience in teaching the IBDP and our students consistently outperform the worldwide average. Their positive attitude to learning is commendable and they are inspired to make a difference by spending time volunteering, raising money for charity and helping to increase awareness of important issues amongst younger students both in Hong Kong and overseas. FIS students also follow a dynamic sports programme built into the IBDP. The emphasis is on enhancing the students’ understanding and application of health and fitness for life.

FIS was commended by the International Baccalaureate Organisation during their five year review which speaks to an excellence honed through years of experience. Our students receive great support and guidance from the FIS family: subject teachers, tutors, the IBDP Coordinator, university counsellors, head teachers, peers and parents. The environment offered by FIS allows students to excel academically as well as strengthen their relationships with each other as they help their peers with challenges, often overcoming obstacles and their own individual fears.

We are very proud of the outstanding results our students achieve at both IGCSE and IBDP; we are prouder still of the respectful, intelligent, thoughtful, independent, trustworthy and tolerant young adults our students grow to be. 

IBDP Options and Selection

During Year 11, students are advised about their IBDP Options with consideration given to their IGCSE predicted grades as well as their further education and career aspirations. For IBDP, students are required to study 6 subjects with at least 3 studied at Higher Level and remainder studied at Standard Level. Students must select 2 languages: English Literature is compulsory.

Find out about the IBDP Options 2020-2022 in the Related Documents.  

International Baccalaureate Organisation

Classes & Subjects

  • Core
  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Group 3
  • Group 4
  • Group 5
  • Group 6
  • Enhanced Programme
There are three compulsory core requirements for the IBDP

Extended Essay (an independent research study)

Theory of Knowledge (reflection on the nature of knowledge)

Creativity, Activity, Service (a range of experiences to complement academic studies)

Language and Literature

English Literature (HL/SL)

English Language and Literature (HL/SL)

French Literature (HL/SL)

Language Acquisition

Mandarin (B) (HL/SL)

French (B) (HL/SL)

French (Ab) (SL) - beginners only

Spanish (B) (HL/SL)

Individuals and Societies

Economics (HL/SL)

Geography (HL/SL)

History (HL/SL)

Psychology (HL/SL)


Biology (HL/SL)

Chemistry (HL/SL)

Environmental Systems & Societies (SL)

Physics (HL/SL)

Computer Science (HL/SL)


Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches (HL/SL)

Mathematics: Applications & Interpretation (HL/SL)


Visual Arts (HL/SL)


A subject from Group 2, 3 or 4

FIS offers an enhanced programme including additional levels in French and Chinese, Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) and Visual Arts. We also offer a unique opportunity for proficient English and French speaking students to earn the IB Bilingual Diploma, a prestigious and highly valued qualification which gives our students an advantage when they apply to the university of their choice.

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Activities and Trips

FIS offers many events which Upper School students can organize and be part of as they take ownership of the CAS programme. This includes sponsored walks, sports coaching and tutoring. In addition, within the CAS framework, all Year 12 students participate in an activity week set in the mountains of Northern Thailand. This trip gives the students an opportunity to try many different activities, strengthen team building skills, experience teaching English at a local Thai Primary School and assist in service projects such as building work and painting at local schools.

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