Sustainable Development

FIS is a community-conscious school that actively promotes sustainable development.

Since 2008 FIS has committed to a sustainable development policy, both in the curriculum and in the school’s facilities.

The school has been awarded the international “Eco-School” label from the Foundation for Environmental Education every year since 2008 and received a Silver award in 2010 and Gold award in 2011 from the Hong Kong Council for Sustainable Development.

What actions have been taken by FIS in terms of sustainable development?

Being a green and community-conscious school has been one of the priorities of FIS.

In 2008, the school conducted a comprehensive carbon audit, which led to the implementation of various ecofriendly practices such as:

  • the installation of LED lights
  • anti-UV filters on windows
  • donating surplus from the canteen to people in need,
  • increase the proportion of local and organic food in the canteen food supplies

Teachers were encouraged to take up a “green action” to compensate for the carbon footprint produced after using air transportation for school trips.

As an “Eco-School”, FIS incorporates many initiatives on various environmental themes into its annual timetable. Our yearly agenda involves many teacher-led activities aimed at raising the importance of environmental awareness among FIS students. These activities include:

  • green camps
  • beach cleaning
  • collaboration with environmental NGOs
  • participation in the annual Greenpower race to raise funds for sustainable development projects in Hong Kong

The school is also a pioneer in teaching sustainable development and has gradually introduced environmental concepts into the curriculum by providing diverse activities allowing students to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world. For example, FIS has implemented workshops to encourage students to sort their food waste in Primary school and an elective class “Ecology & Territories” (54 hours/year) was added in Seconde (Year 11).

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