Student Services

A team dedicated to the welfare of pupils

Student Services (Vie Scolaire) oversee all measures put in place by the school to assist students with their daily life, work and learning. They also contribute to the progressive development of student identity and help create a favourable teaching environment.

Caring support for Primary

In Primary School, the Student Services team gets in touch with families when a pupil is absent, manages the team of canteen monitors and organizes extracurricular activities. Primary class teachers also play an important role in welfare issues as they forge a very strong link between themselves, their students and the students’ parents.

A fundamental presence for Secondary

In Secondary School, the Head of Student Services works collaboratively with the French Stream teachers to ensure students’ well-being and provides support for students (Individual Needs Program, tutoring, etc.). In the international Stream, a comprehensive pastoral care programme is managed by two Directors of Learning. Students forge a strong relationship with their Form Tutors who guide and advise students throughout their entire Secondary School life.

Their role is also to monitor students: in case of repeated absence, the team is responsible for contacting families and coordinating efforts to find a solution in the long term.

Members of student welfare ensure the wellbeing and safety of your children

Student welfare is also addressed through specific programmes consisting of workshops, talks about various topics such as Bullying, Cyber bullying & School climate, Equality boy-girl, Introduction to stress management, Drug Awareness, Identity & Tolerance.

They are the safe keepers of security and respect of human rights for each student.

In addition, as they are in contact with students during recess periods and lunch breaks, they have to face numbers of teenage questions, and sometimes play an important preventive role by assisting students who face various issues (eg: helping find lost bags, listening, mediating ...). These tasks require them to be close to students, understand their concerns and be informed about school life.

The Student Life Council

At the French International School, we understand the importance of involving our students in decision-making processes and planning to improve our student experiences. Our Student Life Council (or Conseil Vie Lycée - CVL ) is instrumental in working with staff and students on various school matters, including managing school projects, updating school rules and general conditions for organizing homework and tutorials for students. The CVL gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills.