Sports & Arts

Sports and the Arts in all their forms play a very important role at FIS, whether as part of our school curriculums or outside the classroom


We promote sport to help students adopt a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. Our school also incorporates a wide range of creative activities that enrich and stimulate students.

Top-of-the-range facilities

The 4 FIS campuses have adapted and top-of-the-range sports facilities, many of which are either indoors or are sheltered, so that sports can still be played in spite of the heat or bad weather.

FIS has 2 indoor and heated pools (Jardine's Lookout and Tseung Kwan O), gymnasiums and exercise rooms, a climbing wall, basketball courts, yoga and dance studios.

Participation in local and international competitions

FIS students participate in competitions organised by the Hong Kong sports leagues, as well as local and international tournaments.

FIS also organises a number of sports events each year: "Sports Days" during which students and teachers take part in different sports (relay race, hurdles, sprints, javelin or discus throwing) and the “Swimathon”, a charity event that encourages students, parents and FIS staff to swim a few laps to raise funds for charity.

The "Interhouse Competition" also takes place, where our four "houses" (Phoenix, Snakes, Pandas and Dragons) compete in various football, badminton, table tennis and athletics events, among others.

Finally, sport is celebrated during an evening at the end of the school year for all of the secondary school students who participated in sports competitions as part of extra-curricular activities.

The Arts


Through the Creative Arts programme at FIS students can take part in creative activities and events which enrich, stimulate and build confidence.
Arts at FIS

Art Exhibitions

Every year each campus transforms into a fabulous Art Gallery with the work of Primary and Secondary students on display for the community to enjoy.

Musical Performances

FIS Students perform in choirs, singing songs in English, French and Mandarin. The most celebrated performance is at Christmas Fair.


This fabulous annual fashion event allows students the chance to show off their talents through dance, music and creating recycled fashion.


Drama classes and Festivals are open to FIS students. FIS has been a participant in the ISTA Festival since 1995.

Visual Art Shows

Through the IB and Baccalauréat Visual Arts courses, students are encouraged to show off their creativity and develop their cultural understanding. The results of their work are on display every year.

The Arts are a great way to develop the creativity and self-confidence of our students, while breaking down their cultural barriers.

A variety of disciplines

Throughout the year, our students have lots of opportunities to take part in creative and performing arts activities, either during or after class.  Visual arts, drama, music (learning musical instruments, singing, etc.), writing... all of the Arts are represented and practiced at FIS.

Students take part in many end-of-year shows, Christmas concerts, orchestra & choir, theatrical performances ... and every year, the campuses are transformed into a magnificent art gallery where the works created by the artists are exhibited by primary and secondary school students at different events.


Couture, a must-see artistic event

As for the IBDP and French Baccalaureate arts courses, they encourage students to go even further in their personal creative process.

Of particular note is the organisation of an exceptional annual event, "Couture", an evening where students from the French and international streams exhibit their talents: fashion designers, dancers, musicians and singers perform on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience. With outfits crafted from a variety of recycled materials, this show is also a way to educate the community about the major environmental issues facing our society.

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