At FIS we promote sport for all to enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest students

Under the guidance of the Physical Education (PE) teachers, students are offered the opportunity to experience numerous sports through their time at school.

Quality sporting facilities

  • A variety of sporting facilities are available at the 4 FIS campuses:
  • Indoor heated swimming pool at Jardine’s Lookout
  • Gymnasium and / or motricity room at Jardine’s Lookout, Hung Hom and Blue Pool Road
  • Basketball court at Hung Hom, Chai Wan and Blue Pool Road
  • Covered playground on all 4 campuses.
Fair Play at FIS
  1. At FIS, fair play is first and foremost about strictly observing all the rules; it’s never about looking to make deliberate fouls.
  2. At FIS, fair play means respecting the referee. He is essential to the running of every competition. He has a difficult role to play and deserves everyone’s respect.
  3. At FIS, fair play means winning gracefully without making fun of your opponent, but it also means accepting defeat.   
  4. At FIS, fair play means refusing to win in an underhanded way.
  5. At FIS, fair play means keeping your dignity in all circumstances and showing you have self-control. It’s about making sure physical or verbal abuse do not take hold.
  6. At FIS, fair play means respecting training and match times as well as the equipment lent to me.      

Sports Days

Every year FIS organises “Sports Days” where students and teachers engage in a variety of sporting activities ranging from relays, sprints, hurdles to javelin and discus. The aim is to create a lasting enthusiasm playing sport while instilling team spirit that unites the French and International streams.

Other sports events are arranged throughout the school year such as:

“Run against Hunger” and “Swimathon”: these two charity events encourage FIS students, parents and staff to run a few laps / swim a few lengths to raise funds for charitable causes.

The “Gruelling Hour”: students and teachers from our Chai Wan campus meet up to run as many laps as possible in one hour to raise funds for Sunbeam Children’s Foundation.

Sports Awards

The PE teachers organize an evening at the end of the school year for all secondary students who have taken part in sports competitions as part of extra-curricular activities.

There are awards for the “Sports Boy of the Year” and “Sports Girl of the Year” in each sport represented: equestrian, rugby, sailing, cross country running, swimming, handball, tennis, climbing, fencing and football.

The Headmaster also presents a trophy to the “Sports Boy of the Year” and “Sports Girl of the Year” decided over all disciplines. 

Compulsory FIS sports uniform

It is compulsory to wear the FIS sports uniform during PE lessons from Reception/GS to Year 13/Terminale.

Swimwear: the FIS swimming cap is compulsory during all swimming classes; FIS swimwear (a swimsuit for girls and swim shorts for boys) is strongly recommended as are goggles.

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