Our Partners

We work with a number of organisations to offer the best for our students and our community.



Le Club des Cinq

This French Learning Centre provides French lessons to all levels (from beginners to native speakers) for the International stream students and after-school tutoring solutions in French and Maths for the French stream students. 

For more information about Le Club des cinq – French Learning Centre : www.frenchlessons.hk 


CHORUS offers extra-curricular activities for students aged 4 – 18 in French and English. Group and individual classes available.

Creative activities:

  • Music: introduction to music, guitar, singing, bass, drums, pop/rock band
  • Theatre: in French and English

Academic activities:

  • Maths classes:  collège et lycée
  • French classes: collège et lycée, FLAM and FLE

The Creative Activities lead to several concerts and shows throughout the school year.

In addition to the activities on FIS campuses, CHORUS offers classes in Causeway Bay, Clearwater Bay and Stanley.


Club Med

Club Med was created in 1950 by Gerard Blitz and Gilbert Trigano, who pioneered the concept of All-Inclusive Holiday and went on to become the worldwide leader in this niche market. Today, Club Med continues to move onward, spreading its presence in 40 countries, with 80 luxury Resorts and a cruise ship, the Club Med 2, including 15 Resorts in Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean. Club Med provides a selection of the best: the most beautiful locations worldwide where guests can dream, be pampered and discover an unrivalled premium holiday experience in a friendly atmosphere.

Language One

Language One is a non-profit educational organisation based in the Netherlands, dedicated to providing the highest quality mother tongue and culture education around the globe. Currently over 1300 students, aged 3 - 18 years, are educated by a team of 80 teachers who make them feel at home in our locations in Europe, the Middle and Far East and Western Australia.

Language One provides mother tongue education in international schools in a wide selection of languages. At the FIS we offer Dutch speaking students an after school program for grade 4-7.

For more information about Language One, www.languageone.org. Or contact local director Leandra Lok at Language One Hong Kong, leandra.lok@languageone.nl or +852 55015262.

Minisport HK

Minisport is an enthusiastic group of sports educators that teach children learn multiple sports through schools, clubs and private residences around Hong Kong. 

Minisport is proud to coach sport to over 400 children per week in Hong Kong. We deliver holiday sport camps at 5 locations during school holidays and help over 50 families per year to celebrate their child's birthday party in style! The Minisport program is designed so that children can sample multiple sports through small group classes, following one high quality coaching program.  

Discount available for FIS students. For Further information: http://www.sportsclassesforkidshk.com/ 


Multi-Sport Ltd is a leading provider of curricular and extracurricular activities in Hong Kong and has been in partnership with FIS for more than 20 years! They offer a wide range of sports for 18 months to 16 year olds, these including:  SwimmingGymnasticsTrampolining SoccerBasketballTennis and more! In addition, during the school holidays they provide fun and exciting Sports Camps!

For further information or to sign up to one of their programmes contact their office: phone: 2540 1257, email: admin@multi-sport.com.hk or visit their website: www.multi-sport.com.hk



Sport4Kids run classes across Hong Kong for 18 month olds to 16 years old. We offer one of the widest range of sports, including rugbysoccer, gymnastics,basketballmini-sports, volleyball and a variety of other great activities.

Sport4Kids classes offer securestructured and fun-filled environments for learning sports; the coaching philosophy is to teach through encouragement and praise to enhance each child’s self-esteem.

Our focus is on fostering sports education and skill development from a very early age. The belief is that positive early sports experiences help to create a healthy and fulfilling habit for life, and that taking part in sports benefits all aspects of a child’s life.

Regine Proietto

With more than 2o years of experience at FIS, our dance school offers both ballet classes (from GS or P1) and Modern Jazz (from CM1 or P5), taught in French and English, that match students’ school schedules from most FIS campuses - Jardine's and Blue Pool Road as well as Chai Wan’s (shuttle bus between the 2 sites). Hung Hom students can also have access to a couple of our dance classes.

Technical progress are assessed by exams held in the presence of professional dancers, every other years. Alternatively, students will engage with the artistic dimension of this discipline by participating in our great end-of-the year performances, which are  tremendous opportunities for them to discover the many facets of their identity. In addition, they learn to develop mental qualities of perseverance, rigour, humility as well as physical skills of flexibility and tonicity.

Information and registration: http://regineproietto.dance