Yoga and Meditation for students

Yoga and meditation are being integrated into the lives of students in the French as well as the International Stream. Students are feeling the benefits of regular practice through teaching in class or during ECAs.

Yoga in early years

Children in the International Steam Primary at Jardine’s Lookout celebrated International Yoga Day on Wednesday 21 June with some special yoga classes led by Miss Drake.

"Yoga helps us to connect our minds and bodies, it teaches us to be more present and reminds us to breathe deeply! Children had a great day - loads of smiles all round!" Ms Drake

Yoga in Primary

Students in CE2 C and D have been introduced to meditation with in order to give them the tools to develop kindness towards others and themselves. In addition to supporting kindness and self-confidence, meditation improves concentration and reinforces students’ learning. Each class enjoyed two sessions during which students tried out fun activities for practising mindfulness. Meditation is for taking care of yourself inside so you can find your breath, manage your emotions and relationships with others.

We will continue these sessions with other classes next school year.

Yoga in Secondary

As part of the PSHE programme with Year 7 teachers from the International Stream had 5 meditation sessions on concentration, breathing and stress, to help the students deal with their exams more calmly. They repeated the experience with parents.

Yoga in ECA

After two wonderful years of yoga at FIS, I can see that the regular practice of yoga is bearing fruit: students have benefitted greatly from this time which allows them not only to release physical tensions of the day but also lets them fully recharge body and mind on the mat so that they can better tackle their homework when they get home.
Students experience lots of stress during exams and some are naturally more anxious than others. The way yoga is taught at the end of the school day through particular positions and controlled breathing supports concentration, relaxation, good mood and compassion for oneself and for others. Being aware of our own emotions is the best way to understand and better control them.

This is what yoga offers, a space for self-reflection leading the way to academic and social success. I congratulate all the students for their enthusiasm for yoga that will help them transition into adult life full of confidence, love and wisdom.

Mouna Chamariq