Year of Science

AEFE has designated 2018 – 2019 as the Year of Science, covering Life Sciences as well as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Technology and the history of Science.

The FIS teaching teams have launched projects to involve students throughout the year and give them a variety of perspectives:

Women and Science

Women are consistently underrepresented in Science. This project aims to generate interest among girls and inform all students about the importance of women in Science during previous decades.

The project will have 4 highlights

Gigantic Treasure Hunt on “Unknown Discoverers”: students at BPR will hunt for portraits of women who have made scientific discoveries.

Debate in class about perceived female versus male careers.

Meetings with professional scientists working in industry or in teaching, in partnership with DragageS, Veolia, HKU, HKUST…

Round table with scientists involved in this area.

Weather Station and Greenhouse

For students in 5ème – 3ème, this project aims to decrypt data from a weather station installed on the roof at BPR and then at TKO to understand weather conditions and use them in the building of a greenhouse.

The students will build a greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles and plant plants. The analysis of weather data will allow them to understand climate conditions and use these to regulate conditions in the greenhouse.

Oceans and Us

Three approaches will be used to raise awareness among students in 6ème (European Section) about pollution in the oceans: learning about the challenges in theory and practise, analysis of scientific data from expedition by the schooner Tara and meetings with experts.

Through these different approaches in French and English, students will become stakeholders and capable of being involved in issues affecting them.