Year of Chemistry

This academic year, 2018 – 2019, has been designated ‘Year of Chemistry’ in schools and universities by the Department of Education and the Department of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.
FIS has decided to take up the ‘Year of Chemistry’ challenge and will create a giant periodic table in our TKO campus and a dedicated blog: https://chimieaulfihk.wordpress.com/

All classes on the campus from MS to 4ème have been invited to work on a project about a chemical element of their choice. The projects will then be presented on a giant periodic table in the campus.

Talks will be organised for students as well as parents, workshops set up, partnerships with local companies established.  A whole new approach to Chemistry will be developed.

This project lasts for the whole year so keep an eye open for our students’ work and the programme created by the team at FIS!

On the programme:

  • 3 & 4 November: Fred Courant from "It's not rocket science" will hold workshops and talk to students in collège and lycée - French Stream
  • 13 November: Prof Jean-Marie Lehn, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1987, will give a presentation and chat to students in collège at TKO. He will lay the first symbol on the giant periodic table.
  • 23 November: Prof Cédric Villani, Fields Medal winner in 2010, will give a talk for parents. Please register here