Year 5 English Master Competition

On Sunday 22 April, Sarah, Mia, Dylan and Clara competed in the final round of the English Master Junior 2018.

The students wrote and performed their own story, which spread the message that we need to be more sustainable and care for our planet. After the results were counted, we were so excited to learn that the FIS team had won the Upper Primary Division!

Congratulations to Team FIS and well done to all children who participated in the competition.

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This year, four teams entered The English Master Competition which is run by The British Council and the South China Morning Post.

On Wednesday 21 March, the first round was held and Dylan, Sarah, Mia and Clara. made it through to round two – Congratulations!  They gave an outstanding performance of the poem 'Feuding Friends' by Gareth Lancaster. All who were lucky enough to see it were impressed by their talent. 

The other three teams all did fantastically well in the first round too.

Congratulations goes to these students too:  Louis, Kairo, Vaani and Marguerite; Lauren, Annabelle, Janvi and Haylie ; Melanie, Audrey, Wilva and Emily.