Year 10 visit Infiniti

Year 10 Economics students were lucky to have the chance to visit Infiniti

On Tuesday 27 November, 36 Year 10 Economics students visited the Infiniti Lab in Central to listen to the lab management explain what they do and to get a better idea of how business start-ups begin and develop, with the help of Infiniti.

As part of this process our students gained exposure to what was important for the Infiniti brand, and how they developed and protected their brand, before finding out via a presentation and question and answer session how Infiniti helped business start-ups. Two business start-ups then presented their ‘pitches’ to the group for constructive criticism by both the students and the Infiniti management.

The students then were able to watch and critique 5 pitches from KGV IB students who had also joined the session.

My first impression of the place was that it was very interesting, I learned a-lot about brands, how companies work and how they help start-ups, I learned a-lot about entrepreneurship and how to ensure a consumers’ safety as well as how to promote the product. We even heard from a couple of professional entrepreneurs. (Kabir Y10)


I really enjoyed this visit to Infiniti Labs. The presentation on what Infiniti represents was a little long but provided a very good insight on how a luxury company runs. The second half of the presentation was very interesting and I learned a lot about how start-ups can improve their business plans. The student presentations showed how a group of students can effectively innovate and solve problems in our daily lives in a single day of work. (Adam Y10)

I thought the presentations we heard yesterday at Infiniti gave us a clear understanding of what entrepreneurs do. At the same time, I also enjoyed being exposed to the different ideas we were spoken about and learning more about the Infiniti brand. (Mila Y10)

The whole process was an eye-opening experience and we are extremely grateful to the Infiniti management for providing our students with this unusual and interesting real world experience.