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Y10 Student Projects made for FLE classes

Promote your school

Last term, Mme Grobe’s Year 10 class studied the topic ‘School life’ for IGCSE.

The outcome of the Unit was to create a video presenting the campus of BPR to prospective French-speaking students interested in joining the school. Each group had to re-apply the linguistic features studied in this topic, follow specific assessment rubrics and use their technology skills and creativity to produce an interactive and fun product. The work was followed by a student reflection of the whole process.

Below is one of the video made by the students. Congratulations to all for your hard work.



Reflection by James Scholar- Year 10

In conclusion, doing this project was fun and enjoyable. As a group, we all worked well and improved our French vocabulary by learning new words. Maya, who did the video editing, spent hours working and putting it all together, while Hana, Akash and I worked on the script. We think that the project was a success, and shows the positive features and good aspects of the school from a student’s perspective. Our only regret is not having access to the laboratories on the fourth floor and the music room on the third floor for filming because I think that would have made a good addition to the film. Overall, Maya, Akash, Hana and I thought it turned out well, and we felt that the end was very good and the music choices (Maya - walking in the wind, history, what makes you beautiful - One Direction) complimented the video. 

"Masterchef" Competition

Reflection written by Elena DENIS 3C

On Friday 15 December, our 3ème C and D English class had the honour of participating in a cooking competition known as “Masterchef”. It was organised by Mrs Gauthier, the French teacher of the Y10 class who had to prepare the delicious dishes.

We all met in the canteen for an hour, and the students of 3ème C and D had to assess the dishes of their peers in the International Stream.

Here is how it was organised:

  • Each student from the Y10 class had to prepare a specific dish.
  • Each student then had to present it in French, including how and why it was prepared.
  • Finally, the judges from 3ème C and D had to assess their presentation, their use of French as well as the quality of the dishes prepared using some specific criteria.

The rewards were given according to the following criteria: taste, presentation, and best story behind the choice of dish.

I personally thought it was a very creative way to make the students work on their language skills. I tasted the gingerbread cupcakes and some chocolate éclairs made by two lovely students, and really enjoyed their creation!

Thank you to the students of 3ème C and D: Bastien A., Louis C., Augustin D., Elena D., Antonin D., Antoine D., Charlotte F., Louise G.,  Eliott H., Simon H., Manon H., Iris L., Basile L., Mathilde M., Léon M., Léa S., Edouard S., Clément T.