World Scholars Cup Tournament of Champions Yale University 2018

Thirteen students and two teachers set off on a lovely Autumnal day for New York, a 15 hour flight to compete in the season ending Tournament of Champions. When we got there a big surprise awaited us all….

Yes – snow!  Luckily we arrived in New Haven after it started to come down, and so were in our hotel by then.  So an eventful first day and a few snowball fights to tire everyone out for a good night’s sleep.

The competition started on Saturday, with the daunting 120-question scholar’s challenge first up.  All the events took place inside the magnificent halls at Yale University, around the different colleges on the campus.

The students then took part in their debating and essay writing events on the same day, finishing late and getting back to our hotel around 9 pm.  Straight to bed in time for the Scholars Bowl on Sunday morning.

Monday was the day off from the competition, and so we headed off early to New York by train.  A full day of sightseeing saw us taking in many of the highlights of this wonderful city:  Central Park, Times Square, Grand Central station and the 9/11 memorial to name a few.

The final day at Yale saw our students win a bunch of medals for their efforts across all four parts of the WSC competition, each winning at least one medal from the main event.