Workshops for healthier snacks at CW

The Health Assistant at Chai Wan arranged for students to take part in a few workshops to make them think about the type of snacks they were eating.

Several workshops were organised:

  • Entertaining exhibition directing students to think about:
    • The amount of sugar in certain foodstuffs
    • Food labels (ingredients and nutritional value)
    • Use of plastic packaging for their snacks
  • Handing out fruit and crudities at break-time
  • Workshop on food adverts: students analysed ideas in an advertising poster to work out the commercial messages. They then created their own poster advert with a slogan either by cutting and pasting or by computer. A competition for the best advert was arranged and the result will soon be revealed.
  • Debate for CM1 and CM2 classes about palm oil and its use in certain products.  The aim was to work on arguments for 5 different points of view about its use in the product “Nutella”
    • Industry in favour of marketing the product
    • Indifferent consumer
    • Responsible consumer
    • Campaigning consumer
    • Primatologist very concerned about the associated environmental arguments

Many of the students were already aware of some of these problems but thanks to this initiative they all realised the importance of a balanced diet.  They also enjoyed the advertising workshop and the debate.