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Work conducted over the Christmas holidays

During every holiday period, the maintenance team takes the opportunity to carry out renovations and maintenance work at the different FIS campuses.

They also had the chance to take down the beautiful Christmas decorations and trees adorning each site.

This holiday once again, they rolled up their sleeves to freshen up our facilities.

After a few licks of paint the corridors in HH and CW, the stairways at JL and the canteen ceiling at BPR are like new.

At every campus the air vents and air conditioning had a deep clean, and 22 new air conditioners were installed at BPR.

The maintenance team also cleaned the grease tank at BPR and the garden at CW; repaired the leaking window boxes at CW; renewed the floors in 4 classrooms at BPR and resurfaced the floor of the JL Auditorium.

There was also a big renovation of the boys’ and girls’ toilets from the 2 – 5 floors at BPR with new cubicles installed among other things.

Finally, the team worked on some safety measures such as installing visual fire alarms and applying a fire-retardant treatment to the JL Auditorium curtains.

A big thank you for their excellent work!