Women & Science

AEFE has dedicated academic year 2018-2019 to Science. As part of this, FIS has launched the Women & Science project to promote Science among students, especially female students.

08.03.2019 - Capturing Our Half of the Sky - A Report for Women & Science on the HeforShe Conference

What is HeforShe? It’s over one thousand events worldwide, 2 million online commitments, and one billion social media conversations. But just who are the people behind this media phenomenon? Above all, what are their proposals to combat inequality between men and women? In search of answers to these questions, a FIS team attended a conference on Tuesday night organised by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong and HKEX.

During this event, several speakers shared their initiatives, experiences and projects. These included remarkable women like Teresa CHEN, Hong Kong’s Justice Secretary, as well as men, executives, businessmen and family men. Although highly focused on the business world, the discussion raised a plethora of issues. Women in all professions are still confronted by a salary gap, social pressure to choose between family and career and barriers to climbing the rungs of the hierarchy. These very real problems are far too infrequently addressed by businesses.

Thankfully, the evening’s participants were not ready to give up and there was no shortage of solutions presented. Many felt that quotas were a necessary step. For others, a revolution in the world of work was in order in order to accommodate more flexible working hours or replace business dinners with business lunches. Still others highlighted the crucial role that parents and educating future generations plays in changing mindsets. No matter what answers were proposed, one thing is certain: we all have a role to play. Chief amongst them is the duty to stay informed and to share so that everyone may become aware of the extent of these inequalities.

As Xing ZHOU, PwC’s “Diversity” project manager, summed it up:

“There was a saying in mainland China that women hold up half of the sky. [...] This half of the sky has a glass ceiling, and we need a hammer to break it.”

Barriers, therefore, continue to exist, and we are far from attaining perfect parity, but the resounding takeaway message from the evening was a hopeful one. 

Lison Guyon for FIS’s “Women & Science” Project Ambassadors

27.02.2019 - Women & Science hosts its First Female Scientist, Nathalie Mauroo

On February 27, 2019, Nathalie Mauroo, a veterinarian at HKU, ushered in our exchange-session between female scientists and FIS students.

The first participant met an audience that was certainly young, but nonetheless eager to exchange viewpoints. Ms. Mauroo described her career path, her initial hesitation in choosing between plant and animal biology, and then her lengthy studies that gradually brought her from pets to wildlife, and then to research.

While she did refer to some of her profession’s harsh realities, she also succeeded in conveying its rewarding aspects and the surprises that it has in store for her each day!

The conversation stayed on topic when Ms. Mauroo then focused on the role of women in the veterinary world. Although a very female-dominated profession (80% of students admitted to veterinary schools are female), it is unfortunately still impacted by the gender gap, since women are paid 12% less than men. Challenges related to work-life balance in the context of this demanding profession were also very much at the heart of the discussion.

These issues are those that we, as students and budding citizens, both girls and boys, will have to confront in the world of the future. That is why we invite all students to participate in upcoming discussions. We hope you look forward to these excellent encounters!

  • Wednesday, March 6, 5 p.m.: The team from Dragages
  • Saturday, March 9: A visit to the Dragages site: REGISTER HERE before Monday, March 4
  • Wednesday, March 13, 5 p.m.: The team from Veolia

Lison Guyon for FIS’s “Women & Science” Project Ambassadors

26.11 to 20.12 - Discover the anonymous scientific women

An exhibition featuring the scientific insights made by anonymous women took place in the library and the 5th-floor hallway. A paper chase on the theme "Discover the anonymous scientific women" was organised, and the winners received purchase vouchers at the Parenthèses library, a partner of this project. 

Women & Science at FIS

During the course of the year, FIS will lead several projects focused on the theme "Women & Science". Students will find out and talk about the place of female scientists in our society.

This project is supported by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong, and by "Elles bougent", an association which aims to promote science among young girls. 

  • 26 November - 20 December: an exhibition featuring the scientific insights made by anonymous women 
  • February /March: meetings in class and on the field with female engineers from industry (Dragages, Veolia) and university (HKU)
  • March: 10 ambassador students will be trained to lead debates
  • April: debates in class (Seconde) will be led by ambassador students
  • May: Talk about the place of women in the world of Science

Follow the updates on this ambitious project on this page and  Instagram (fishk.wis)

If you want to take part or become a partner of this project, please contact Mrs. Barthelon abarthelon@g.lfis.edu.hk or M.Makosza a.makosza@g.lfis.edu.hk

We would like to thank our partners on this project: Consulate General of France in Hong Kong, "Elle Bougent", Dragages Hong Kong, Veolia, and Parenthèses.