Visual Art Exhibition by Terminale Art option students

There are 20 students in Terminale taking the Art option this year and they are showing their artwork at an exhibition.

Come and take a look

Monday 11 to Friday 15 June
Multipurpose Room, Ground Floor, Blue Pool Road campus

The themes of the class of 2018 are diverse and varied; their creations are often sensitive and full of meaning.

The themes selected are:

  • Language;
  • Serenity;
  • Violence and Suffering;
  • Destruction;
  • Nostalgia;
  • The Ephemeral Nature of Life;
  • Identity;
  • The Unknown;
  • Heroism;
  • Solitude;
  • The Five Senses;
  • Illusion;
  • Buddhism;
  • Music;
  • The Line Between Reality and the Virtual;
  • Time;
  • “Dys…”;
  • Adrenaline and
  • Adaptation.

The list says it all – so many inspirations, often very personal, which reflect the creativity of each student! Almost 100 paintings, photographs, sculpture and videos will be exhibited.

René Magritte said “I am often asked what my painting is hiding. Nothing! I paint visible images which convey something inexplicable.”