Visit of the Shepard Fairey exhibition for MS

There was a lot of excitement when MSC and MSD (Reception) classes went on a trip on Thursday 24 November.

We took the bus to Repulse Bay where we went to explore the Repluse Bay temple looking for the real things we had seen in pictures … a fun little treasure hunt.

Afterwards, we played in the playgrounds and were very quickly hungry. We were looking forward to finding out what was in the picnic …. sandwich, crisps, an apple and chocolate cake – yum. Full up, we went back to play a little and then it was time to for and see the Shepard Fairey exhibition.

Lauren, organiser of the exhibition, was waiting for us and had set up plastic cloths, stencils, boxes and spray paint on the ground. We had to wear plastic gloves and masks to protect our mouths and noses since spray paint smells a bit strong … we looked like doctors!

We were able to select our stencil and colour for making our painting.  It was fantastic … (the students were able to make their own individual painting using the spray paint and stencils that Shepard Fairey used in his paintings).

After, while our paintings were drying, we went to see the exhibition with many paintings on display. We were able to recognise some (like the posters of Obama, Martin Luther King and even Bob Marley …) and we found Shepard’s signature with André the giant often placed in a star …


Once again, thank you to the volunteer parents who wanted to come along and help during this unforgettable day.

The exhibition which was at Pulse has now finished but you can see 4 fabulous Shephard Fairey mural paintings in Hong Kong. Have a walk in Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun, Causeway Bay or Quarry Bay and look for the yellow hand with fingers symbolising peace, a giant elephant, an armed man but with a flower at the end of his weapon and a woman with a headscarf … “Visual Disobediance”