V Cycle Operation at TKO

Our TKO campus has launched an environmental initiative in partnership with V Cycle who tackle sustainable development issues in Hong Kong from both an ecological and human standpoint. The project was presented to students during an assembly.

A special bin has been set up at the campus entrance to collect plastic bottles used by students. These will be collected every week by V Cycle and recycled into bags and other objects by disadvantaged people and profits from sales will go to people collecting rubbish by trolley on the streets.

At the same time as offering a paid work to these disadvantaged people, this initiative aims principally at raising public awareness of their situation as well as plastic pollution.

ATTENTION!  The aim is not to collect as many plastic bottles as possible but rather to pay attention to people around us and reduced our use of plastic and bottles.

More details about this initiative are available here and find out how to take part here.