A truly inspiring visit

On Thursday 15 June we welcomed Ben Walden to the school to guide Year 10 and Year 11 students through some key principles of leadership.

Ben is a former lead actor at the Globe Theatre in London and now an international speaker on many diverse topics.

Thursday his talk looked at being proud of all you are and communicating that with passion. It helped students develop skills in being:

  • Physically grounded and confident
  • Emotionally articulate and authentic
  • Mentally attuned and alert
  • Aware of a sense of purpose

He drew from figures as diverse as hip hop artists and sports people to the instigators of great social change like Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.

Whatever their contribution, these figures bear a common trait. They have articulated, through their words and actions, what truly inspires them and what they truly value. They stand up tall.

Thank you, Ben for your inspiring visit.