TKO - Primary and Junior Secondary building structures soon to be completed

On Thursday 6 July, an FIS visit successfully took place at the TKO site. The attendees included several members of the Board; both the design and executive architects; the Headmaster, Mr Soulard; Mrs Anne Denis-Blanchardon from the French Consulate; the Development team and the FIS Communications and Marketing team.

Everyone was able to observe the good progress of the works and appreciate the magnificent volumes of the different spaces at the new campus: the Library, the Art room, the Music room, the Infirmary, the Canteen, the Auditorium, the Primary playground...

To date, construction has progressed extremely well and to schedule with the structures of the Primary and Junior Secondary buildings soon to be completed over the next two months. This will be followed seamlessly by the closure of the buildings external façades.

This is an exciting time for FIS as we are well on the way to having our beautiful school built and ready for opening in 2018.