Sunbeam Fun Run

Students in Years 5 and 6, CM1 and CM2 at Chai Wan will run in teams for one hour in order to raise money for the Sunbeam Children's Foundation.

It's time to dust off your wigs, brush down your tu-tus and iron your superhero t-shirts: the Sunbeam Fun Run is back!

Thursday 29 March 2018, 10 - 11am
Chai Wan Sports Ground

Students arrange themselves into groups of 5 and come up with a team name - they can create a team costume if they wish! Then, using the forms provided, the children raise sponsorship money for the number of laps their team complete in the hour.

Last year international teachers, bilingual teachers and a parent team dressed up and competed against the children too.

Sunbeam is a charity that FIS has supported for many years. With the support of our generous parents and students we have helped make a difference to the lives of the children who are in residence at the Sunbeam Children’s Village. Each year, the money raised has enabled the children to have experiences and access to equipment and supplies that many of our children take for granted. It also means that FIS is able to sponsor the annual Sunbeam Summer Camp, a fun, week long camp run by FIS staff, students and parents at the orphanage in Baiwan every August.

A great reason to bring the school together in the spirit of fun and philanthropy!