Successful Tech’ Challenge with a bright future

The third Hung Hom Tech’ Challenge dedicated to programming was held on 28 April.

Look at the pictures here.

For several weeks students had been introduced to this subject area through the applications Scratch Junior (GS, CP, CE1) and Scratch (CE2, CM1, CM2). Selections previously made at all class levels identified the final pairs.

The tests consisted of writing code for six successive animations of increasing difficulty. Students were coding for more than one hour and were cheered on by their peers from all classes.

To finish off this event, all students got together for delicious snacks before the results were announced and the prizes presented. Also recognised were the most creative animations done before the actual day of the Tech’ Challenge. At the same time, the videos of the projects completed by the students were shown.

Many parents came along to this event to support their children and were even able to try some of the programming challenges. Also present were Mr Soulard and the new Headmaster, Mr Tran; Mrs Denis-Blanchardon, Consul (Culture, Education & Science); Mr Mariani, Representative for French people outside of France; and Mr Valéry, AEFE coordinator.

A big congratulations to the students for their dedication to learning this new skill!