A successful 2018 university fair

As part of the university guidance department’s objective to provide information and promote further education in France, we have organised the “Salon des formations“ in partnership with two other French International Schools based in Shanghai and Beijing. This event is partly funded by the AEFE and brings together representatives of the different further education institutions from France - see list below.

This event took place at BPR on Thursday 25th October and Friday 26th October 2018. It was aimed at 330 students from Seconde, Première and Terminale students and their parents as well as all secondary teachers.

This “Salon des formations” is an opportunity to meet with a panel of representatives of French further education institutions: university, IUT, engineering school, business school, school of Arts and "Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles" (CPGE). These professionals presented the type of educational structure in which they currently work and then gave examples drawn from their respective institutions. It is an essential source of information for our students to build their university project.

On Thursday, the conference "is studying in France a good idea?” with Q&A gathered parents and students at Jardine’s auditorium.  

On Friday, Première and Terminale students attended specific conferences of their choice.

To close this event, secondary teachers met these representatives to discuss: Parcoursup - assessment, advice and evolution - and the new Bac 2021 - changes and implications for university applications.

Representative list :

  • IUT : M. Gilles LASCHON, Directeur IUT Orsay et Mme Isabelle BONNETON, Responsable pédagogique et Professeur  
  • Engineering school : Mme Catherine VERDU, Professeur des Universités et Directrice du Premier Cycle de l’INSA Lyon
  • Business school : M. Cédric MOIGNOT, Responsable concours SESAME (concours des écoles de management international)
  • School of arts : Mme Héloïse LEBOUCHER, Proviseur adjoint de l’école supérieure d'arts appliqués, Duperré -  membre de la Conférence des Écoles Supérieures d’Arts Appliqués de Paris –  CÉSAAP composée de l’École Boulle, l’École Duperré, l’École Estienne et l’Ensaama
  • CPGE (classes prépas) : Mme Véléna BRUTUS, Proviseure adjointe CPGE du lycée Louis Le Grand