Studying in UK or at anglophone universities: offers and study conditions

Offers from anglophone universities

Last term, our Year 13 and Terminale students were busy completing university applications, and are now watching carefully as decisions come in. UK universities tend to be the first to reply, and are duty-bound to reply by the end of March. Most USA decisions will come in at the start of April, most Canadian decisions from March to May, and Hong Kong decisions from now until summer. We are delighted to report that our students have already won some exciting conditional offers from anglophone universities, and we expect more to come in over the next few months. We don’t have enough space to list all of the offers received so far - click here to look at some offers received.

Brexit and UK Fee Status

Despite the planned exit from the EU in March 2019, UK universities have guaranteed to maintain the current fee status system for students beginning their degrees in September 2019 (i.e. the current Yr12/Première students). This means one of 2 statuses:

  • Home/EU status - currently maximum GBP 9,250/year (note that a UK/EU passport does not guarantee this status).
  • Overseas status – fees vary – from around GBP 15,000; higher for degrees requiring laboratories/equipment.

For students starting degrees in 2020 (current Yr11/Seconde students), the UK government and the universities have not confirmed fee policy. The worst-case scenario is that EU nationals will all be given overseas status, but fear of a decline in applications may lead to a compromise.

Anglophone degree options in Europe (non-UK)

The issues surrounding Brexit, and the increasing number of European universities offering degrees taught in English, have led to a gradual increase in the number of applications to these institutions. An added advantage is that EU passport holders generally have the same fee status as local residents. These degrees present an excellent opportunity to gain a respected degree in a genuinely international setting – and often in very attractive European cities. The fees are often a fraction of UK/USA/Canadian fees, and many of the universities are comparable in quality to some of the best in those countries. Over the last 2 years, we have seen successful applications to the Netherlands (Erasmus Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Leiden, Maastricht, Delft, Groningen, Utrecht), Belgium (KU Leuven), Switzerland (EPFL), and the Czech Republic (Charles University). More details:

French universities with anglophone degrees
The number of degrees offered in English is increasing, and there are certainly some excellent options:

  • Humanities + Social Science

Sciences Po offers internationally-renowned, highly selective English-language social science degrees. Currently Sciences Po outranks Cambridge for political science. Degrees taught in English are based in Reims (Europe-America political specialism), Le Havre (Europe-Asia) and Menton (Europe-Middle East). For EU residents, Sciences Po fees are on a sliding scale from 0 – 10,000 euros/year, according to family income.

  • Engineering + Technology

Ecole Polytechnique Paris launched an English-taught bachelor degree in 2017, taught at a campus 20km south of Paris. Highly selective and aimed at aimed at top-level French and international students, the degree is multidisciplinary but focused on mathematics and science.

ECAM Lyon is the only school in France to offer a 5-year engineering programme both entirely taught in English and accredited by the CTI (French Commission for Engineering Diplomas).

  • Business

Paris-Dauphine opened a London campus in 2014, and offers an English-taught Global Bachelor in Economics, Management and Social Sciences

ESCP Europe (École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, one of France’s most selective “Grandes Ecoles”), offers an English-taught Bachelor in Management (BSc), a 3-year general management programme embracing training in languages, liberal arts and personal development. Students study in 3 different countries. The first year is based at the London or Paris campuses, the second year in Madrid, Paris or Turin or, the third and final year in Berlin or Paris.

IESEG – BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)



Paris School of Business BBA

Toulouse Business School BBA

  • Hospitality Management

Centre de Formation Alain Ducasse  - Bachelor in Culinary Arts

Vatel Nîmes - Bachelor in International Hotel Management


Reminder: please see our Orientation website ( ) for country-specific degree information, application procedures and timelines, and the university events calendar.