Studying Speed by building and launching water rockets

The Year 8 science students studied their last unit on speed by making water rockets and launching them.

In the process of making the rockets out of two litre soda bottles, as well as launch pads for the rockets, they researched the importance of making the rocket aerodynamic and how best to utilize water as a reaction mass.

They researched the terminology and principles associated with speed. The most productive part of this unit was the reflection they undertook on why some of the launches were more successful over others.

This project was especially useful in developing leadership skills as the group leader was responsible for reporting progress to the teacher and ensuring all members were productive with difference aspects of designing and building the rocket.

The best design award amongst both classes was won by Year 8A students: Zoe, Eleonore, Elizabeth and Zoe.

Year 8B students Saisha, (as group leader), Gaelle, Anson and Oscar won the prize for the fastest launch. Their rocket which used a bung through which a bicycle needle was inserted to pressurize the water via a bicycle pump, actually flew out of the school premises (on to the empty road) covering the largest distance in the history of rocket launches at FIS.

The prize was the fastest launch in year 8A saw a tie between two groups. Tanisha, Lorenzzo, Charlotte and Raphael with a speed of 52.06 K m/h and Dylan, Maya, Gianna, and Matteo (group leader). 

Congratulations all!