Students from Ecology & Territories are back from Tasikoki!

From 14 to 21 May after several months of preparation and activities, students from Seconde (Yr11) Ecology & Territories class finally went to North Sulawesi to visit the Tasikoki sanctuary managed by the Masarang Association.

There were very early mornings, sometimes around 5:30 am, to prepare food for the animals rescued from deforestation or trafficking. Students also worked on enriching the enclosures, building equipment for the centre, following animal behaviour classes and taking part in a guard patrol for turtles which afforded them an exceptional opportunity to watch a nest hatching … They also visited a ‘palm tapper’ farm where they harvest the sap of Aregna palm (nothing to do with palm oil) which a cooperative then turns into sugar and ethanol through a short and fair process avoiding deforestation.

On the arrival, the group had more than 250kg of donations (tools for the centre, food for the animals, medical products for local dispensaries and school materials for neighbouring schools).

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