Student Council and House Captains : How do our International Stream students develop their leadership skills ?

Elections have taken place for International Stream at JL campus and TKO campus.

Student Council 2019/20

The Student Council meets every half term to work on improving school life. For instance, last year, they selected games for the playgrounds at JL and TKO campuses. They also worked with secondary students, parents and teachers to write our definition of International mindedness.

 “At FIS, International Mindedness is being inclusive, respectful, accepting and open-minded about each other differences and cultures.

This year, the Council will use last year’s student survey to help guide their actions.

The Student Council is led by Mr Finch at JL and by Mrs Clarke at TKO. It is composed of students from Y2 to Y6. Their members are Adrian C., Aiden D., Alia C., Vivienne A., Michael A., Alexis L., William S., Alex C., Leone L., Aden P., Adeline C., Elidi Y., Shelby K. and Craig T.

House Captains 2019/20

All International Stream Primary Students are split into 4 houses: Dragon, Snake, Phoenix and Panda.

What are the Captain responsibilities? The Captains collect house points from all classes every week and present the results during assembly times. The House Cup is dressed with the colours of the winning house. Each half term, the house with the most points attends a tea party. At TKO campus, house teams are used for shared project groups. 

In house teams, students compete in sports days, swimming galas, Exit points and other competitions.

This year’s House Captains from Year 6 are: 







Celeste P.

Lila O.

Clara B.

Loic B.


Stein V.

Jason W.

Chloe D.

Maelie B.

How the School Council and House System take part in the IPC curriculum?

These experiences allow students to express their leadership, and therefore apply the IPC Personal Goals. 

  • to communicate in groups, at meetings, during assembly and to their peers
  • to be adaptable by thinking of solutions, completing calculations, and changing how they think
  • to cooperate with their peers, set up house events and to listen to each other
  • to be thoughtful and reflect on how they can make a difference to our school community and the wider community, through Eco projects and charity work. 

Congratulations to our new Student Council members and House Captains!