Stress management workshop for students and parents

On Friday 22 February, Secondary students and parents had the chance to attend a stress management workshop conducted by Dr. Nancy Heath from McGill University.

Two sessions were organised.

The first one was dedicated to students so that they understand their own stress and they learn about different strategies to reduce it whether they are at school or elsewhere.

“Learning to deal with stress is just like any other skill – you just need the right tools, and a bit of practice” summarizes the Young Post Journal in their article about the event.

The second one was addressed to parents so that they can identify signs of stress. Being tired, appearing to “not care” or being angry might be the characteristics of a stressed child.

“Keep in mind, stress in adolescents does not always look like stress!” underline Dr. Nancy Heath.

If you missed this workshop, you can find all the documents below:

Read the Young Post SCMP article – 28.02.2019 and the Facebook post of the McGill University