Stress Management at BPR

Since January, the Health Assistants have been organising measures around well being at school as part of the Health and Citizenship Education Committee (CESC).

This follows on from a survey completed by almost 200 students in the French Stream at BPR which demostrated that the management of stress and emotions is one of their primary concerns.

Their actions:

  • Workshop by Mrs De Klebnikoff on the management of emotions for 4eme classes in order to help students :
    • Identify their emotions, express themselves and manage their emotions
    • Know themselves better
    • Develop their social skills so they can make themselves understood better and take into account emotions in communications and relationships
  • Workshop by Mrs Neumann “Stay calm at exam time” split into 5 x 30 min sessions for volunteer students in 1ere and Terminale. The aim is for them to make the most of their powers of concentration, absorb their learning and know how to plan ahead, recognise and react in stressful situations, notably exam stress
  • Purchase of books by the Health Asssistants on topics related to adolesence: stress, self esteem, sleep, eating disorders ….
  • Introduction for 1ere classes to mindfulness and meditation by Mr Gazeau and Bapptiste V. G., student in Terminale (1hr/class)
  • Pilot project on breathing 3 mins 3 times a week for a 3eme class by Mr Gazeau.  The aim is for this pilot to be extended to other classes.
  • Relaxation meetings open to all on Thursdays 12:30 – 1:30pm organised by Baptiste V.G.

Many students have quickly seen the benefits of these sessions.