Spotlight on E-Safety for Primary

In preparation for this week’s International Stream Primary E-Safety Week, parents were invited to attend a Parent E-Safety Workshop and Panel Discussion.

We were delighted to welcome so many parents from both French and International Streams to JL Auditorium on Tuesday 24 April. ‘Digital Wellness and Practical Action for Parents’ was a huge success. Parents were eager to hear from Ross Armitage, Head of Primary, and our excellent guest speakers Ian Brodie and Jeremy McCarthy, both parents themselves, whose presentations are in the related resources below right.  

More information can also be found at the below links:

  • Jeremy McCarthy’s talk on “Wellness in the Age of Technology” at Global Wellness Summit here
  • Report on “Wellness in the Age of the Smartphone” from Global Wellness Institute here  
  •  American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for Children’s Media Use here 
  •  Article: “Can You Raise a Teen Today Without a Smartphone?” here 
  •  Video: 48-hour Screen Time Experiment here 

We look forward to repeating this event next year!