Sports day and tournaments for the International Stream

  • Reception Sports Day 25/11/2016

Reception had their sports day on Friday 25th November down at Happy Valley. Students took part in a number of different events involving running, throwing and jumping. Both RC classes performed brilliantly and a great day was had by all. A special thank you must go to the RC teachers, Mr. Hudson, CAS students and the parent volunteers who all helped run the events smoothly. 

  •  ESF Football Tournament - Primary

FIS took part in the annual ESF Football Tournament involving 24 schools from around Hong Kong at KGV on 26th November. On the day, FIS played some great football including an impressive draw against the eventual winners, Australian International School, who won every other game they played on the day. FIS scored the fastest goal of the tournament after an astonishing 8 seconds before unfortunately being beaten in the semi-final of the knock-out competition.  

  • ESF Netball Tournament 3/12/2016

FIS took part in the annual ESF Netball Tournament at Australian International School on 3rd December. For a lot of the team it was their first netball tournament and they put in a fantastic effort throughout the whole day. The girls have made massive improvements this season and showed some great skill during the tournament. Well done to all the team for their hard work all season. A special thank you to Coach Amelia and Ms. Wakeman for their help on the day.

  • Island Schools Netball Tournament

On 7th December, FIS B & C netball teams took part in the Island Schools Netball tournament at Aberdeen. The teams consisted of students from Year 5 who are all able to play again next year so it was a valuable experience for all involved. The C team played very well managing to get two draws and a win in their final game of the tournament. The B team went undefeated throughout the day and managed to win the whole tournament for the first time - a fantastic achievement!

Huge congratulations must go to all the students involved and a special thanks to Coach Amelia and Ms. Wakeman for their help on the day.