Sports Awards 2019 : congratulations to our athletes!

This year, over 460 Secondary FIS students got an opportunity to learn, practise, improve and excel at sports among a selection of 17 extra-curricular sports activities (ECA) as varied as netball, rugby, gymnastics or sailing.

Last week, the 2019 Sports Awards ceremony recognised the best ones, with around 200 students, parents and coaches attending to show their support. FIS Headmaster David Tran was also present to congratulate everyone, especially the Sports Boy and Sports Girl of the Year, who were selected among the entire student body.

The two most prestigious awards went this year to Zsazsa K. (Sports Girl) and Nicolas H. (Sports Boy). Congratulations to our two Sports Stars!

And kudos to all the other recipients for showing such command and excellence in their respective sport!

Last but not least, the ceremony was also the opportunity to give out a very special award to Mr. Philippe Guillo, PE teacher at FIS since 1990, who will retire at the end of the school year. Many thanks for his 29 years of devoted service with our students!

Full results – 2019 Sports Awards:

  • Leisure swimming: Margot L.
  • Fitness: Camille S.
  • Leisure Badminton: Tom B.
  • Fencing: Alexandre B.
  • Tennis: Clotilde S.
  • Rugby: Ben B.
  • Athletics (3): Marie-Lou M.; Loic C. ; Gabriel R.
  • Cross-country (2): Pauline C.; Nicolas H.
  • Swimming (2): Paul J.; Beatrice C.
  • Volley-Ball (2): Laure C.; Anais L.
  • Gymnastics (3): Emma W. ; Marie-Lou M. ; Charlotte F.
  • Sailing (2): Adam N.; Stan P.
  • Equitation (2): Victoria M. (Lower Division); Sharlen N. (Higher Division)
  • Netball (2): Charisse H. (C2 Team); Laura AC.(C1 Team)
  • Climbing (3): Alice A. (Youth B Girls); Edan-Jia N. (Youth B Boys); Paul B. (Youth A Boys)
  • Cross Country (2): Teagan H. (Girls); Raphael M. (Boys)
  • Handball (3): Loic B. (C grade boys); Lucas D. (B grade Boys); Vincent Y. (A grade Boys)
  • Football (4): Elissa Z. (Girls) ; Enzo M. (U14 Boys) ; Maxence B. (U16 Boys) ; Louis C. (U18 Boys)
  • Basketball (6):    Liya D. (U12 girls); Anatole G. (U12 boys); Manon C. (U14 girls); Nathan R. (U14 Boys) ; Nina D. (U18 girls); Gaspard A. (U18 Boys)

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