"Sous les Déchets, la Plage" - French Beach Clean-up Operation

Last Saturday 25 March, the French community came together for a large scale beach clean-up to demonstrate their strong commitment to the environmental protection of Hong Kong and their dedication to a territory that, even temporarily, they call home.

The results show an overwhelming success:

  • More than 800 volunteers, mostly French nationals but also many friends of France
  • 24 beaches cleaned, all over the territory (from Big Wave Bay and Saikung to Mui O and Po Toi)
  • 7.7 tons of waste retrieved from the shores! Each bag was weighed during the event and the final results are shown on the dedicated website created by students of the French International School

Mr Eric Berti, Consul General of France, and Mrs Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment, took part in this event at Stanley Main Beach. They both thanked the volunteers for their strong commitment. Mrs Loh gave some figures about waste management in Hong Kong and urged all citizens to do their part, even if only small actions in their everyday life. Mr Berti emphasized that such an event should bring positive changes towards environmental protection among the whole population. He also stressed that the French community was eager to give back to the city of Hong Kong.

The operation hopefully raised awareness about the impact of plastic pollution, especially the havoc wreaked by disposable packaging. It also demonstrated that when volunteers of all ages are united by a strong commitment, they can make a difference. Ultimately it certainly inspired Hong Kong residents to do their part to preserve the unique beauty of their natural surroundings. During the cleanup, people of all origins, wandering on the beaches, offered their help to the volunteers, showing solidarity and involvement for the cause.

This event was organized by four French citizens, with the support of the French Consulate. Collection of the waste was planned ahead with different departments of the government: FEHD, AFCD, LCSD and the Marine department. The organizers would like to warmly thank them for their help.

And, a huge BRAVO to all the participants of this event!

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