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Results of the Winter Extravaganza Christmas Tree Competition and Lucky Draw

Thanks to all the students for making such beautiful recycled Christmas Trees and for selling Lucky Draw tickets. Thanks also to our sponsors for donating such amazing prizes.

We were really spoiled to have such generosity and commitment for the Winter Extravaganza on Friday 30 November. 

Christmas Tree Competition

More than 80 trees were created by our students in Primary and Lower Secondary – a real forest!

The winners are below:

1 - Casper Chung RC - JL 
2 - Maud Birer MS - JL 
3 - Aaryan Bhansali and Aavir Parikh RC - TKO

1 - Kayleigh Lee yu kiu Y1 - TKO
2 - Elidi Yang Y1- TKO 
3 - Alvin Wong -Y1 -TKO

1 - Emilie Parenteau CE1 - TKO 
2 - Augustin and Arthur Queru CE1 - TKO
3 - Dhruv Sancheti Y2 - JL

1 - Maxence & Laure Bourcet CM2 - TKO
2 - Jian & Leanne Heas CM2 - TKO
3 - Vianney Bourrut Lacouture CM1 - TKO

1 - Ngo Shae-Lin 6eme - TKO 
2 - Elisabeth Allen 6 eme- TKO 
3 - Lucie and Alexis Frossard 4eme -TKO

Merci à Decathlon et Parenthèses qui ont offert les cadeaux des gagnants.

Lucky Draw

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we had 66 lots for the Lucky Draw.

List of winners is here.  Prizes can be collected at TKO Reception before the end of the week if possible. 

Thank you for your support.