Results of the Sports Awards 2017 - The Event for ECA Sports

Every year the Sports Awards recognise the best students taking part in all the extra-curricular sports activities offered at FIS. This year, more than 40 sports stars were nominated for 14 activities as varied as fencing, rugby and sailing.

Created in 1997, this ceremony also awards the Sports Boy and Sports Girl of the Year selected who are chosen from the whole student body. This year, Zai Xiang Ma was named Sports Boy of the Year and Estelle Tang Sports Girl of the Year.

The ECA team decided to move the ceremony and the formal award presentation for this year from the Auditorium at Jardine’s to a more relaxed and shorter format at Blue Pool Road.

More than 200 students, parents and hot-dog lovers came along to the 2017 Sports Awards expertly run by Yann Lassus,our master of ceremonies who brought his a sense of humour but forgot his bow tie!

After half an hour of medal presentations to our future champions, Mr Christian Soulard personally congratulated our two Sports Stars of the Year.  The evening continued in a relaxed manner with a BBQ where the hotdogs met with such success that they almost stole the show from the host, Yann Lassus! 

The winners are:


MVP Junior: Laura Bennett

MVP Senior: Matilda Trodd


MVP A grade boys: Charly Brugaliere 

MVP A & B grade girls: Sarah Morel

MVP C grade boys: Tom Djunbushian 

MVP D grade boys: Alexis Cachard


MVP: Pénélope Martin


Romane Philippron


MVP B grade boys:  Nicolas Hotton

MVP B grade girls:  Lilou De Surville

MVP C grade girls (2 awards): Marie Lou Martin & Victoire Beylier 

Cross Country :

MVP: Côme Genet


A grade boys: Evann Homo

A/B grade girls: Pauline Artaux

B grade boys : Vincent Yap 

C grade boys : Flavian Masdebrieu


Senior boy: Thomas Breitburd

Senior girl: Chloé Darbon

Junior boy: Eden Nguyen

Junior girl: Alexia Loiseau


Boy: Charoze Raphael

Girl: Degoix  manon


U20 girls: Kayleigh Bogart

U16 girls: Ambre Cano

U14 girls: Nina Dubourg

U20 boys: Louis Jacques

U16 boys: Bertram Lau

U14 boys: Timothe Vygas / Bosco Lau

U12 boys: Mateo Teichtel


MVP girls: Alice Andrau

MVP boys: Edan-Jia Ngo


MVP girls: Mina Druenne

MVP boys: Paul Jamet

Football :

​MVP A grade: Axel Adler

MVP B grade: Melchior Bouas-Laurent

MVP C grade: Telio Bailleul