Registration for 2019-2020 ECAs opens

Good to know:

End of ECA Primary on Friday 14 June. For Secondary, individual messages have already been sent.

To be noted this year:

There will be 2 dates for online registration to ECA for the school year 2019-20 through the Parent Portal under Websites > ECA Booking:

For Primary students

Saturday 13 July at 2 pm (until 28 July included)

For Secondary students

Saturday 31 August at 10 am (until 8 September)

ECA 2019-20 brochures will be available on the FIS website page for ECA and schedules, fees and brochures through the Parent Portal > Websites > School information > 5. Extracurricular activities by July 3.

Registration process and all additional information will be sent to you on your parent portal by notice on Friday 5 July for Primary students, on Friday 23 August for Secondary ones.