A record Swimathon for 2017!

On Saturday 11 November, the annual charity FIS Swimathon 2017 took place at Jardine’s Lookout swimming pool and raised a total of over HK$50,000 for Children of the Mekong!

This year the Year 12 students organised the event as part of their CAS programme and it was a tremendous success!

In total, 80 swimmers of all ages came along: students from MS/Reception to 1ère/Year 12 and parents. The youngest swimmer, Justin Alexander W. in Reception, swan 12 lengths or 300m! Records were set by Hadrian W., Year 12, who swam 400 lengths (10,000m!), Emeric P. in 5ème with 298 lengths (7,450m!) and Aurore F, parents and FIS staff member, with 160 lengths (4,000m!) – impressive!

Swimmers spent the day swimming lengths and eating cakes baked for the occasion. All proceeds were donated to the Children of the Mekong.

Well done everybody - We hope to see you next year!