IS Primary are going for IEYC/IPC accreditation

International primary began to deliver the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and International Primary Curriculum in September  2017.  Central to our work in IEYC and IPC and in line with our school mission statement, we want our students to reach their full potential, be confident independent learners and be responsible global citizens.

FIS International Primary will be one of the few schools in the world to gain a joint IEYC and IPC. The IPC is delivered in 1000+ schools and 90+ countries around the world. The IEYC is delivered in 500+ schools and 60+ countries. 

Here is all the useful information about this accreditation.

The accreditation is a self-review process. There are nine areas of self-review. Find out more here.

All staff within the international primary are actively engaged in the self-review process. They observe each lesson and give feedback, deliver and take part in training and look at students’ work. Specialist teachers and teaching assistants are also involved. On Tuesday 27th August, all of the international primary team took part in a self-review activity day. Have a look at the pictures in the gallery. 

In October, an accreditor will visit JL and TKO for a full week. They will spend their time observing lessons and speaking to students, parents, teachers and board members. They will provide two sessions of bespoke training for the IEYC teachers and IPC teachers. The school will receive a report containing recommendations and areas for development. We will use this to update our action plan.

The full accreditation will take place in May 2020. There will be two visiting team members who will scrutinise the schools IEYC/IPC self-review. During their visit, they will be observing teaching and learning while meeting with different stakeholders. Student workbooks and teachers’ planning will also be examined along with policies and procedures, related to the IPC, within the international primary.

As part of our IPC primary curriculum, we have been encouraging our students and teachers to deepen their understanding of how we learn. Students and staff collaborated in different workshops to create our own FIS definitionOur definition of learning is:

Learning is a lifelong process of acquiring knowledge, developing skills and making connections in order to understand the world and our place within it.   

Finally, Ross Armitage, Head of Primary International Stream, was asked to write a blog for IEYC/IPC on how we use IPC in a Bilingual Model at the French International School. It has been used by members worldwide. Take a look here.