The Power of Mindfulness

On Monday 13 January, the International Stream held a coffee morning for parents to present a session on the 'Power of Mindfulness' and how it is applied at Secondary School.

After starting the session with a body scan, parents listened to the benefits mindfulness brings to the life of their children, helping them to focus, be present in the moment and manage their emotions. They heard how an 'introduction to mindfulness' programme was run for Year 7 students in term 1; Year 8 and 9 students will also benefit from the same programme in terms 2 and 3.

These programmes are delivered during the students' PSHE classes (Personal Social Health Education) every Monday morning. Parents were also told how more recently Year 11 and 13 students were offered some stress-relief meditation sessions in the morning before their mock exams. Y11-13 also had stress management sessions during term 1 of PSHE. It was explained how these sessions / programmes are designed and run by secondary teachers who were trained and attended mindfulness / stress-reduction courses. 

The coffee morning session ended with parents being given some practical tools to apply mindfulness practice at home with their children and for themselves. 

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