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Phased campus reopening : so thrilled to see our students again!

Today 16 September, FIS welcomed small groups of MS/RC, GS/Y1, 6è and Y12 students for tailored orientation days

After an unprecedented start of the school year from a distance, it was a great pleasure for all the FIS teams to see some of our students in the flesh this morning! For these first orientation days (Phase 0 of our Return to Campus plan validated by the EdB), we had chosen to welcome prioritarily MS/RC students (who were discovering their new school), GS/Y1 students (who had not been able to return to campus last year) as well as 6è students who are transitioning from primary to secondary school, and Y12 students.

The students, welcomed in small groups, looked delighted to be able to return to (or see for the first time!) their campus and finally see their teacher(s) and classmates without the filter of a screen. Other groups of same-level children will also be welcomed in the next few days, in half-day sessions, before the staggered return of all the other students until 29 September.

For this long-awaited return, and while FIS' utmost priority remains the safety of its students and staff, a strict health protocol has been put in place in accordance with the recommendations issued by EDB and in continuity with that put in place last year

Once again, this plan has mobilised all of our services (Management team, Health department, Facilities department on each campus, but also teaching, educational and administrative staff, as well as the contractors in charge of the cleaning) and will be implemented on our 4 campuses:

Before leaving for school

  • All students and staff must have completed and shared with the school a travel history form and are required to measure their temperature daily before leaving for school and record it in a reference document

  • In case of symptoms or doubt, students and staff are to stay at home. A medical certificate will be required before any return to campus is allowed.

At school

Arriving to school

  • Temperature is checked again (use of thermal cameras and thermometers when getting off school buses), use of hydroalcoholic hand gel

  • Specific contingency plan to be implemented in case of symptoms or doubt: isolation, cooperation with the Hong Kong authorities, campus closure to carry out a thorough cleaning, etc.

During school hours

  • Face masks are compulsory for all students and staff present and must be worn at all times

  • Social distancing is maximised: classrooms, outdoor spaces, canteen are reorganised

  • Hands are washed upon arrival to campus; hygiene kits are provided in each classroom

For this first day with these groups of students, everything went smoothly and calmly, with teachers, students and parents all very joyful!

We are looking forward to seeing all our other students who will be returning to school in the next few days. 

Welcome back, dear students!