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Permaculture gardening at FIS

The urban gardening project is launched at FIS. At Chai Wan, Jardine’s and TKO campuses, dedicated gardening spaces for Primary students from French and International streams will be prepared, and students will lend themselve to gardening.


At Chai Wan, 1 CE1 and 4 CE2 have already started their learning about permaculture, which is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Each class already made “ 2 lasagna gardens” (see below the image). They are composed of layers of branches, green leaves, fruit scraps, soil, and mulch. 

Students have also planted vegetables, fruits and flowers respecting the “companion planting” which is the right association of plants.

Watch here how students are gardening at Chai Wan 

See below the evolution of the gardens at Chai Wan:

At Jardine’s, two gardening spaces are now ready for planting thanks to the great help from the Green Committeeparent volunteers and the Facilities team. Students can now start growing and we look forward to seeing little Green Fingers in actions.

The project will start soon at TKO.

Find out all the photos below :  


Urban Gardening - 2019