Peer mediation: involving students in conflict resolution through an innovative training

From January 14th to 17th, FIS had the pleasure of hosting the AROEVEN association (Regional Association of Educational Works and National Education Holidays - Association Régionale des Œuvres Educatives et des Vacances de l'Education Nationale), to train 20 staff members (teachers, health assistants, librarians, Vie Scolaire staff) and 24 CM2 and 6eme pupils in peer mediation.

During this interactive training aimed at defusing minor conflicts, our students were able to work on their psycho-social skills, namely empathy, kindness, neutrality. In addition, they learned how to identify a conflict and the way to conduct mediation, including how to interview students to resolve these conflicts.

The main objective was to enable the students to act autonomously, however the process includes a systematic debriefing with an adult to assess the mediation and check on the solutions provided.

CM2F student Louanne V., shares her impressions:

"During this training, I learned to be a mediator. We played some games, and then we did a mediation simulation. To manage conflicts between students, the process is the following: we go to a room, each one gets to explain their point of view, describe what happened. The aim is not solve the problem, but find a solution. What this training can bring me is to teach other children or other people, how to do it. It was very interesting!"

This excellent initiative has enabled to involve the entire school community in maintaining a serene and positive school environment.

Kudos to our 24 new mediators who will be able to train their classmates next year!