Nurturing Civic-Minded Students in the Classroom

After being elected by their classmates, in the French Stream, 80 BPR and TKO class representatives from lower secondary, as well as 26 class representatives from upper secondary, were trained in their functions.

Our upper secondary class representatives practiced on case studies with Mr Gazeau, they also worked on oral communication skills (public speaking, gestures, body language, ...). They also debated on representative democracy from a philosophical point of view with Mr Descambs. In addition, Ms Chapeau described her commitment as a teacher representative within the FIS, and Ms Hotton presented the D.E.S.C. (Describe, Express, Specify and Consequences) method to help our students to communicate more effectively. All the students agreed that this half-day training session was very beneficial to them. Thank you to them for their participation and enthusiasm!


This year, all lower secondary class representatives, both titular and substitute, from both campuses took part in the training organised by Fabienne Lamoureux (Education Assistant at TKO) and Ms Chartrain (Head of Vie Scolaire). They were able to exchange with Mrs Martin, Consular Advisor on representative democracy before taking part in various workshops including the very popular mock class council.

Congratulations for their commitment!