A Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry meets students on the TKO campus

The FIS Science Department continues its mission... After two intense educational days last week with Fred Courant, a famous personality known for his 560 episodes of “C’est pas Sorcier”, it was then the turn of another celebrity from the scientific world to come and meet our students.

In collaboration with the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macao, the Science Department offered students in our 6e, 5e and 4e classes at TKO the chance to meet Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987 for his work on supramolecules.

“Chemistry and me”… Professor Lehn talked about this theme to over 200 students in the TKO auditorium. Despite the complexity of the topic, the students discussed with the Professor for almost an hour while he answered all of their questions. He explained how Chemistry creates the link between Physics and Life Sciences, and how Science is an unavoidable and exciting element of our daily lives. The students’ enthusiasm, quick-fire questions and pertinent points showed that the Science teachers achieved their aim: promoting the Sciences, making them visible in daily life and creating a passion and interest for Science in even the youngest students.

Feedback from the students:

I really liked the talk by Mr Lehn, I had been really looking forward to it. I was so excited to meet someone who had won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He told us about his journey and answered his questions in a funny way. Sometimes, he explained things that are a bit difficult to understand. A key moment was when he placed his plate on the school’s periodic table. Joséphine 6ème E

I found it really exciting to meet him. I was really surprised to find out from Prof. JM Lehn that the world never stops evolving. Thanks to Science, we can use computers and the internet. Thank you. Ludivine 6ème F

For me, Mr Lehn is passionate and he transmitted his passion and his knowledge to me. It was as if his brain was an exploding volcano and the lava coming out of the volcano was knowledge. Alice 6F

I learnt a lot and Professor Lehn was really kind. I’m looking forward to the school organising for us to meet more people!!! Suzanne 6F

I learnt lots of things. Thank you very much, Prof. Lehn Victor 6F

Professor Lehn talked to us about chemistry and molecular chemistry in particular and explained what it was to us. I found that very interesting. Vincent 6F

Prof. Lehn also did us the honour of inaugurating the giant periodic table by affixing his very own oxygen plate. Find all of our chemistry-related projects on the dedicated blog:

Finally, two students had the chance to meet the Professor for an exclusive interview, in which they questioned him on his journey and his love for opera.

And if meeting a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry was to create vocations? … mission accomplished by the teaching team, who weren’t quite finished yet, as another world-famous scientist will arrive next week to meet students, this time on the BPR campus. We’ll let you guess who...

A clue? “a spider on the lapel”... To find out who is our mystery guest, don't forget to keep an eye on the news from the FIS Science Department in the coming weeks.