New way to increase awareness about Sustainable Development in 5eme

As part of the lower secondary reforms, practical interdisciplinary classes (EPI) put in place by History/Geography and Life Science teachers allow for profound modifications to the traditional Sustainable Development learning days. These took place during March on two non-consecutive days.

The first day was with the NGO ArkEden on Pui O Beach and allowed students to find out about different humid, costal places (mangroves, swamps, etc) and their inhabitants, their animals from insects to buffalos and birds, and the complex relationships through which they are inter-linked. The day also focussed on the problems connecting human activity to the swamps.

The second day was linked more to the ocean itself. On the boat of the NGO Plastic Free Seas, students were able to reflect on plastic pollution, over fishing and the uncontrolled development of shipping in general.  Watching the harbour, trawling for rubbish and looking at marine life through the microscope on a smaller scale … the day was full of discovery and was a wake-up call!