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A new school year has started at FIS

On August 28 and 29, over 2,700 FIS students went back to school after a much-deserved summer break

This week, our 2,747 students, including close to 500 newcomers to FIS, finally went back to school!

It may be a new school year but the feelings it brings out are familiar ones: some students say goodbye to their parents with a heavy heart while others are eager to discover a new environment, most are ecstatic to see their friends again, curious to find out about their timetable, happy to start fresh with brand new stationery, excited about the upcoming exams… or a mix of everything.

A new school year also means proud (and a bit apprehensive…) parents, and teachers who strive to provide guidance to and achieve great things with their students.

To each and everyone, FIS wishes a beautiful 2019-2020 school year.