New Appreciation and Warning Card System on KCM school buses

The Parents’ Bus Committee has been reviewing the bus service performance and related issues since the beginning of the academic year.

One of the areas which has been under consideration is student behaviour during the journey. With the support of FIS and the Parents’ Bus Committee, Kwoon Chung Bus Company has implemented a refresh of the Appreciation and Warning Card System this term for routes serving our Chai Wan and Jardine’s Lookout Campuses.

Through this system, students could be given a Green, Yellow or Red Card from the bus escort. This will help the Bus Escorts with communication and control while the rewards will help build a better bus culture.

  • Green Card: given to the best behaved student on a daily basis with a monthly recognition award.
  • Yellow Card: given following 2 verbal warning for misbehaviour on the same day. Parents, FIS and the Bus Committee will be advised.
  • Red Card: given for continuing misbehaviour after receipt of a Yellow card or in instances where behaviour immediately threatens the safety of the others on the bus.

Thank you to all stakeholder for their support of this initiative. FIS, the Bus Committee and Kwoon Chung will continue to meet regularly to review bus rules and the bus culture.

Please read the updated FIS – KCM Bus Policy here  

Parents can contact the Bus Committee if they have any questions on