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Mums and Dads, get involved at your child’s school!

Summer’s over … are you sad that your children aren’t at home with you anymore but glad that they’re back at school? We have a solution … come along and join in at their school!

Parent volunteers play an essential part in school life and there are a wide variety of opportunities for getting involved:

How long for? From 2 hrs to man a games stand at a fair to being involved for the whole year with a specific project.  You can join us at any time during the year.

What do you need to have?

  • Desire to help
  • Good sense of humour
  • Event organisation skills
  • Contacts to share
  • Ability to negotiate with our partners
  • Talent in designing and decorating

We are looking for all sorts of experience and skills as long as you want to be involved.

How can you help?  Be on different parent committees – events, canteen, bus, sustainable development and uniform. Help to cover the books in the library or arrange for the distribution of the students’ tea towels and boxes. The list is endless …

Come and meet us at BPR on Thursday 20 September at 8:45am or at TKO on Wednesday 26 September at 8:15am.  Find out about the projects for this year that you can get involved in and work with other parents and the FIS teams.

Want to join us? Register here!